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PostSubject: Kai   Kai Icon_minitime2nd June 2018, 16:37

Name: Kai Mixtape.
Nickname: Ed or Wolf
Title: Dj SoundAK47

Age: 22
Date of Birth: 02/03/1999
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Birthplace: somewhere in North America.
Current Residence: Nowhere since he travels alot.
Dad: Dead
Mom: Alive

Step Dad: Alive.

Race: Demon/ warlock

Height: 6’5 feet
Weight: 197 pounds.

Occupation: Musician / traveling fighter.

Body: Kai’s hair is blue but he has the tips of his hair dyed purple and black. His true skin color is obsidian black but he uses his magic to make it look dark brown. He is a skinny to buff looking guy and he has a few scars on his arms from training with his step dad. His hair is medium length and is spikie with a part of it covering his right eye. He has a black and red music note tattoo on his back it is kind of just like a logo for him. He has a burn mark on his face around his right eye. He also has wolf ears and tail but he keeps them hidden most of the time.
Clothing: He wears a black and gold kitsune mask the eyes on it glows when he talks and he wears since this to get him some confidence when he is talking to other people since well he didn’t like to talk the burn mark. He wears a black spiked on the shoulders jacket, a gold t-shirt with the words sound bass like a AK47 printed on it, a pair of black fingerless gloves, black jeans with gold flames printed on it, black shoes with gold and black stars printed on it. He wears a black collar with gold skulls on it.


Born to warlock dad and a demon mom, Kai wasn’t like the normal demon kids and often bullied for it. His real dad died when he was young due to a hunting accident. Kai’s mother later remarried to a demon named Rick. Kai and his step dad bonded well enough through a little shaky at first. When kai was about nine years old, his step dad started training him in order to help him out later down the line for when he got older. Around the age of 12 kai found something that belonged to his real dad a old guitar with an axe like edge at the bottom. He started learning how to play the guitar in secret even since he found the guitar.

Teen Years:

At the age of 15 kai’s parents are killed by group of demon hunters. Kai had to run and hide even though he was about ran off since things between things in village that he lived was getting worse and his parents weren’t being much help, he already had all of his stuff packed up so he was ready to run off. Kai leaved a illusion of himself to fool the hunters and slipped away into the night. At the age of 17, kai moved to japan

Adult Years:

At the age of 18 kai signed up for a space program to travel from this world. He did this in order to find a place he could belong and well of course get away from the demon hunters. He underwent a few years of astronaut training, and some safety procedure before he was sent off into space with a few other people who undertook the same training as he did.

In-Battle: he is fighting with mindset of it like a battle of music and tends to always have a smile on his face when fighting a strong foe. He is serious yet fun loving when in battle.

Out-of-Battle: With the mask on he is talkative and sociable and keeps a happy and music loving happy air around him. Without the mask he is kind of shy and rather keep to himself most of the time.

Sound magic: kai can control sound and use it to stun his foes or to deflect attacks.
A list of moves that kai uses in battle that includes his sound magic
Sound blast:Kai sends out a blast of high pitched sound on his foes.
High bass Howl: Kai sucks in air and unleashes a ear piercing howl at his foes.
Sonic blitz: Kai charges at his foes near the speed of sound and hit his foes with a super speed fury of jabs and kicks
Hype note spiral: A special move where kai jumps into the air and comes down in a downwards spiral at his foes while causing a spiral of music notes that explode on contact to form around him and slam into his foes with them and escaping at the last moment that attack lands that can be risky since he can end up caught in the explosion himself.
Merciful beatdown: This is kai’s finisher where he uses nearly all of his sound magic’s power in one final strike this move doesn’t kill since he holds back but it is often used to finish the battle.
Dark magic: Kai can manipulate darkness.
A list of moves that kai uses his dark magic for
Dark blaze: Kai punches the ground with his fist ablaze with black flames and sends out a shockwave of black fire at his foes;
Obsidian lighting slam: Kai gets in close and grabs his foes and shocks them with obsidian colored bolts of lighting before slamming his foes into the ground.
Reaper’s howl: Kai sends out a howl laced with darkness at his foes.
Dark spiral claw: Kai jumps into the air and dives and slashes at her foes with darkness in the form of claws.
Demon’s black fang: Another special move where kai punches the ground with his fist covered in darkness and sends out a big shockwave of darkness at his foes.
Illusion magic: Kai can make illusions of himself to fool his foes or give him time to charge up his attacks. Kai can also use this change his appearance if he is fighting a group.

Super speed: He can travel near the speed of sound.

Super Strength: He can lift up to 500 pounds with ease.

Weakness: holy items, magic, and other holy stuff. He can’t tank hits well. His speed can be used against him. Light magic. His right eye is blind and if you are able to steal his mask he will become focused on getting it back.

Type of Fighter: Speedy, hard hitting, and tricky fighter.

Weapon(s) of Choice: his katana, Dual daggers, His axe like guitar, brass knuckles, pistols, and his broadsword.
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PostSubject: Re: Kai   Kai Icon_minitime2nd June 2018, 16:42

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