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PostSubject: Toni   Toni Icon_minitime30th May 2018, 19:09

Name: Toni

Age: 15
Birthplace: An unknown location within Eiríni
Gender: Female

Appearance: Toni is astoundingly beautiful, both for her age and as a person in general. She has very long wavy ash gray hair that is thick but also light, fluttering at even the slightest of breezes. The longest of those locks reach down to her hips. She has amethyst violet eyes and almond skin tone. She typically wears a dark gray catsuit with brown knee-high boots, and dons a short-sleeved turquoise tunic and pale blue fingerless gloves over this attire. Completing this setup is a belt full of pouches around her waist. She may have another satchel or two on her person in case she's got a lot of things to carry.

History: Toni remembers almost nothing of her younger years, not even her family or surname. All she remembers is growing up an urchin, surviving in the city streets. But one day, as she stole fruit from an unaware vendor, a visiting Pólemese warrior saw little Toni and pursued her. The man discovered her shielding herself from other hungry street urchins, not fighting back. The warrior scared off the other children, but not before they could take the food that Toni had gotten for herself. He scolded Toni for stealing before asking her if she would like to learn to fend for herself, to which Toni eagerly agreed. The warrior would visit Eiríni often, and Toni would train alongside the warrior's other apprentice. The two girls started off as friendly rivals. However, as Toni grew into a better and more talented warrior, the other apprentice grew jealous and abandoned her sense of honor, attempting to deal to her rival a deadly blow while she was distracted. Toni has, as a result, fled into the ancient forest bordering the city, where little light from the skies above could reach in. She stayed there a while, able to stick close to the fringes of civilization while thwarting off the wild dangers that she found herself surprisingly prepared for, living off snakes (they were harmless and made good soup). Some time later, she returned, and challenged her rival to a test of skill. After a one-on-one battle, Toni emerge victorious, but she continued to treat her rival with respect. The rival, awed by her opponent's nobility in peace and ferocity in combat, admitted defeat. Many years have passed since then, but Toni continues to inspire others. Some of her admirers, Toni has become great friends with: Bianka Giorno, Florenz Verzweiflung, Dirk Blutrausch, Wiwine Espoir, and Zarah Notte. With the war of the houses of Giorno and Notte on the horizon, Toni has formed an allegiance with the other five, and they gather in the dark forest nearby in a hideout every now and then to discuss how to undermine this needless feud. Toni is a strong leader, and she considers the strength of the true enemy carefully, knowing that they must be defeated in some way. She secretly despairs that there may be no way to achieve a certain victory--she wants this to be perfectly done.

Special Attacks:
- Misty Bind: By using two shortswords, Toni can smoothly land attacks both strong and quick, becoming a quick whirlwind that encompasses the enemy. This works best against groups.
- Locks on the Edges: Toni can throw or jab with up to five javelins, relentlessly attacking with pragmatic accuracy, striking where it shall bleed the least the cripple the most. She will most likely use this against opponents bigger than her.
- Floral Fusion: Using the grace in the limbs hiding under her gauntlets and grieves, Toni uses a huge chain of combined martial art moves without rest that inflict great numbing pain. When enough hurt amasses, the opponent passes out.

Warrior Form:
Name: Noble Warrior Beauté
Description: The armor itself looks like this: . Yes, Toni can see just fine.

Type of Fighter: Attack Reflector (Toni prefers to utilize her defense to go on the offense.)
Weapon(s) of Choice: Javelins and shortswords
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PostSubject: Re: Toni   Toni Icon_minitime31st May 2018, 00:11

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