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PostSubject: Re: Cap   Cap Icon_minitime13th March 2018, 00:50

Name: Unknown, although his most common alias is "Cap", often based on his position as the head of a world-travelling ship, or so he is often to state- He has never answered to anything else that he has not chosen, including his birth name, Giuseppe.

Age: Appears as a young man in his early 20s, although he is potentially ageless according to what he might say.
Birthplace: Unknown thanks to his utterly twisted and very much intentionally hidden past, or so he says. Officially, he was born in the Royal City of Voix.
Current Residence: A large ship that travels through the stars, and often travels through worlds for the sake of collecting knowledge, he often states... But most see him traveling from place to place, flocking to centers of knowledge both arcane and commonplace.
Gender: Male.
Race: Stated to be human, however with his unknown past and decidedly curious capabilities, he might be anything but. Everyone else just calls him Déconaturdales in terms of species.

Class: Minstrel.
Musical Instrument: Dagger, thanks to his profession as well as his apparent lack of any real melody- As if the world itself does not know him...
Power: Only the power of his wits and his tongue- With his decided disadvantages in regards to things even a child would know in the world of Musica, he's made the most of what he still has- His mind. In addition, thanks to his early days spent trying to prove his stories of being a visitor, he's commonly regarded as an idiot with no idea of anything- Despite his knowledge of people spanning far beyond what most would expect of a town fool.

Appearance: With rather pale skin, wild dark hair, and a decidedly tattered appearance, it's hard to believe that his attire was once that of the child of a rich man. However, with fur covering a bright blue tunic, he's been paying some manner of attention to his appearance. Leather boots cover his feet while mis-matched squares stitched together cover his lower half. Yet what is most curious is the crest on the back of his fur cape- The Lyrical Kingdom's crest with one notable edition: A spiral within the book sewn within- And his piercing green eyes.

History: Within the capital of the Lyrical Kingdom, a child of repute had gained notice as a prodigy, often showing knowledge beyond his years. Yet just as much notice was his lack of familiarity with even the most common melodies and sense, to the point where his knowledge of men was the only thing that could leave him in any comfortable position. Still, he seemed eager to force his own downfall, often claiming the fantastic- That he was from another world, and that he was in command of some ship that traveled through the stars like some sea. Yet his attempts to prove himself only proved madness and a lack of sense in all things. As the child grew, his father, Giovanni Pittaluga could only hope that his son would become a merchant of some sort, yet he was horrified as the young man had left home, abandoning any hope for the sake of knowledge both arcane and common. Soon enough, he had become known as something else- A masterful thief with some rather odd quirks like seeking honest work in order to provide recompense for his targets- Tomes and other sources of knowledge. He has given many names to avoid local guards, yet the only one he will truly answer to is... Cap.
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PostSubject: Cap   Cap Icon_minitime13th March 2018, 00:56

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