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 Lilith de Tenebris Dyadalis

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PostSubject: Re: Lilith de Tenebris Dyadalis   Lilith de Tenebris Dyadalis Icon_minitime28th March 2018, 23:55

Name: Lilith Tenebris Dyadalis

Age: 120 ( appears to be 12 or 13)
Birthplace:  The dull marshland, Primus Nota
Current Residence: Nowhere she is pretty much traveling for now.
Gender: Female
Race: Tenebris Dyadalis

Class: Maestro
Musical Instrument: Song of the Naturam Dryadales
Power: Fire magic

Appearance: Short gray hair, red eyes, and semi-dark skin. A  black dress, a small backpack, black boots, and a flower in her hair. She is 4’5 feet tall and is skinny. She also wears a black cloak.

    Born in a small village in the dull marshland, Lilith grew up pretty much learning how to use the songbook that she found one day but one day her village was burned to the ground by some unknown raiders. She was the only survivor and well it certainly didn’t stop her from learning magic tho. the whole experience basically left her scared mentally but she decided to use this go on the adventure that she wanted to do so since she first got the songbook. She firstly started with traveling towards Dunkelheit. She wanted to check out of everything that she could all the while learning magic. While she was passing through one of the villages while on her way to Dunkelheit, she then meets an old maestro that ask if she wanted to learn magic properly.

  She was interested in how he could tell that she knows how to use magic, Lilith asked but the man simply ignored her question and gave the same question that he asked her before. Lilith took the man up on his offer mainly to try and figure out why choose her out of anyone else. After the first month, Lilith had learned how to use magic and then turned her focus mainly on to fire magic because even though she may have a fear of fire she wanted to turn that fear into power. The next few months were basically full of practicing her fire magic and learning how to control it. Lilith's master, Vlad let her go since he had taught all he could to her. Lilith soon after left for Dunkelheit through she had nearly forgotten about heading there but her curiosity was dead set on seeing the rest of the world or as much as she could to be honest.

      After a few weeks of traveling around and Lilith arrived in Dunkelheit. The first place that she that she went to was the nearest library basically to start learning what she could about the world from the books in the library before she was going to explore as much of Dunkelheit as she could. After a few couple of years or maybe 50 years later Lilith left Dunkelheit but for now, her whereabouts are pretty much unknown but it is safe to say that Lilith is still traveling trying to peak her curiosity of the world.
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PostSubject: Lilith de Tenebris Dyadalis   Lilith de Tenebris Dyadalis Icon_minitime29th March 2018, 12:26

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Lilith de Tenebris Dyadalis
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